Workers Compensation: Changes Are Coming

Here's what's new with the Workers Compensation Coverage in Tennessee. Be informed!

Changes are coming with the Workers Compensation Coverage in Tennessee. Be informed!

In the summer of 2014, some big changes come to the workers compensation landscape in Tennessee, as part of 2013’s Tennessee Workers’ Compensation Reform Act. Among the new details: a new state Court of Worker’s Compensation Claims that takes over the adjudication from trial courts; a clearer and more refined definition of work-related injuries; new procedures to determine compensation and more. The intent and goal is for the process and system to be more efficient, more fair and more predictable, for both you as an employer and for your employees.

One thing that remains the same, though: In our state, carrying worker’s compensation insurance is required by law for almost all employers with five or more employees working full-time or part-time. And medical inflation is showing no signs of deflating, which means those costs need to be a focus and concern both for employers and their insurance agents. If you want focused guidance and necessary coverage for your company, Elite Insurance Solutions can help.

Workers Compensation Coverage: It’s Required, And It’s Also Valuable Protection

If you have those five or more employees (or just one, if your company is in the construction or mining industries), securing workers compensation coverage is legally required. But it’s also an extremely valuable source of protection against serious financial trouble for your company and your employees.

Even at the most impeccably run businesses with the most conscientious and detail-oriented employees, accidents happen. And fault isn’t part of the equation when we’re talking about work-related injuries. So if an employee is hurt in the workplace or on the job, your company can be financially responsible — from medical costs to any potential lawsuits. An injured employee could be out of work for an extended period of time, leaving him or her in dire financial straits. The right Tennessee workers comp coverage protects your company from that financial strain and from lawsuits, and protects your employees from the financial difficulty of lost wages and health care costs.

Elite Insurance Solutions agents can talk you through your company’s needs, and go over changes to workers compensation that will or won’t affect you and your business and your coverage. This way, you have the coverage and knowledge you need, and the peace of mind that comes with having an insurance company that’s always ready to steer you toward the information and answers you need.

If you want more information about workers compensation insurance – or want to secure coverage for your company and your employees — give Elite Insurance Solutions a call. We’d be glad to help.

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