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Why We Are Proud to Protect Nashvillians

The rest of the world has discovered our secret! Nashville is quickly becoming one of the best cities in the country to call home, and people from all over are moving here to be a part of our cool town. The statistics and press speak for themselves. According to Livability, Travel + Leisure ranked Nashville third on its list of Best American Cities, Forbes.com ranked the city fifth on its U.S. Regions to Watch in 2014 list, and 35,000 people are moving here every year! At Elite Insurance Solutions, we have watched our beloved Nashville change and grow over the years, and we are always proud to say we help Nashvillians with all of their insurance needs. We would like to share with you some of the best things about Nashville so you can see why we love protecting the citizens of this beautiful city.



Thanks to the more than 120 live music venues in Nashville, you can choose between seeing pop, rock, country, gospel, rap, blues, and Americana acts all over town on any given night. You may be lucky enough to catch someone famous at The Bluebird Cafe in Green Hills or even discover someone new at one of the many writers’ nights in Nashville. If you prefer classical music, we have the acclaimed Nashville Symphony, who performs in the recently-built architectural wonder, the Schermerhorn Center. You can also find opera, ballet, and jazz in our city.


Listed by USA Today as one of 10 cities with the Best Green Urban Spaces in North America, Nashville is home to many parks, trails, and greenways. You can find horse trails, nature centers, picnic shelters, athletic fields, swimming pools, golf courses, and scenic views. One of the best things about Nashville is downtown is just 10 minutes away from beautiful rolling hills, farms, and other country settings.


We feel very fortunate to enjoy Nashville’s food scene. Our restaurants are constantly visited by newspapers, magazines, and cable food channels to feature our best food options. Our cuisine ranges from hot chicken at Bolton’s to fluffy biscuits at the Loveless Cafe to high-end restaurants with inventive chefs like Husk and City House. For an area filled with some of the best locally-owned restaurants, visit the East Nashville neighborhood for a variety of refreshing non-chain dining establishments.


One of Nashville’s nicknames, the city is the home to 21 four-year undergraduate and post-graduate colleges and universities. Vanderbilt University, Tennessee State University, and Belmont University are among the choices. One of the best public universities in the state, Middle Tennessee State University, is located about 30 miles away in Murfreesboro.


A very typical Southern town, you will always find friendly faces in Nashville. We love our small town feel mixed with the excitement of big city energy. Nashville is a very welcoming community, and we are proud of the cultural diversity that you will find in our city.

Want to know more of our favorite things about Nashville? Contact Elite Insurance Solutions today to learn more about our wonderful city.

Protecting My Business Overseas

No matter what part of the globe you choose to do or expand your business in, you won't have to worry about a thing if you know about the Foreign Liability Insurance.

No matter what part of the globe you choose to do or expand your business in, you won’t have to worry about a thing if you know about the Foreign Liability Insurance.

Foreign trade has become increasingly important to our economy in recent years. Opening foreign markets to U.S. products and services is extremely important in terms of sustaining America’s economy. If doing business abroad is part of your company’s growth strategy, understanding the scope of insurance available for international business is critical to protecting corporate assets.

Standard U.S. business insurance policies do not cover many of the claims or losses that occur outside the U.S. and those that do provide worldwide coverage typically only cover suits brought in the U.S. The good news is that there are numerous specialized insurance coverages available for companies conducting international business that are specifically designed to provide global protection.


Foreign liability insurance, for most U.S.-based companies, covers far different risks from the legal exposures they face on their home soil. When companies venture into foreign countries to do business, they can encounter countless unfamiliar laws, languages and/or customs. Foreign liability insurance coverage is the first line of defense against costly legal actions arising from events occurring outside U.S. borders, including but not limited to the following:

  • When your company manufactures and distributes products outside of the U.S., foreign liability insurance will protect your company in the event an employee faces foreign lawsuit or injury. It will also protect assets that may become seized, allow for the continuation of future foreign business, and may allow foreign judgments to be satisfied in the U.S.
  • When your company rents offices or runs meetings, demonstrations or tradeshows in foreign countries, purchasing foreign liability insurance protects for damages or injuries arising from such operations.
  • When any of your employees temporarily work in a foreign territory and face injury or death, need immediate medical attention, or request emergency evacuation.
  • When employees, in a foreign country, need emergency travel services in the case of language barriers or political, medical or legal problems.
  • When any of your company employees operates a vehicle outside of the U.S.
  • When employees face the potential of kidnap and/or extortion.

If you sell products in foreign countries, if your employees travel/work overseas, or if you have locations outside the U.S., you need foreign liability insurance. One of our Elite Insurance Solutions agents will be able to help you determine whether or not foreign liability insurance coverage is necessary for your particular company. Contact us to request a quote.