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Is Your Tennessee Home Protected & Insured?

The centerpiece of the American Dream is a home to call your own. If you own your home, you’ll want to protect your investment and all the memories you’ve created in it with home insurance. After all, a home is likely the most important investment you’ll ever make.

If you’re a new or first-time homebuyer and feeling overwhelmed by all the home insurance policy options available to you, Elite Insurance Solutions can help you locate just the right coverage for you and your home. Home insurance will protect you against damages and losses that affect your property and belongings. The good news is that really great homeowner’s insurance doesn’t have to be really expensive. Let us help you find an affordable, quality policy from a reputable carrier.

In addition, if you are renting an apartment or condominium in Tennessee, Elite Insurance Solutions can provide coverage for the contents of your rented dwelling. We also provide farmowner’s coverage and commercial property coverage. Some of our homeowner’s policies offer cash coverage, while others offer replacement cost coverage. We will be able to help you determine which policy is right for you and how much coverage you need. We typically recommend that you purchase an amount of coverage at least equal to the estimated replacement cost of your home.

What Does Home Insurance Cover?

Each home insurance policy is divided into different classifications designed to protect you from costs that may potentially result from things like natural disasters, fire, theft, injuries, and lawsuits. Depending on what you want, your Tennessee home insurance policy may give you just one type of coverage—for instance liability coverage—or it may offer more comprehensive coverage, like liability and property insurance. Most policies cover perils like:

  • hail or wind
  • thunder and lightning
  • tornadoes
  • fire
  • earthquakes
  • ice
  • theft

In addition, home insurance usually provides:

  • liability protection in case someone is hurt on your property
  • financial assistance if you’re displaced because your home is damaged.

There are some things that homeowner’s insurance won’t cover, including:

  • bodily injury or property damage that is expected or intended by the insured
  • business pursuits
  • professional services provided or not provided
  • ownership, operation, use, or maintenance of aircraft, motor vehicles, and certain watercraft

Contact The Agent Nearest You!

Elite Insurance Solutions doesn’t work for any one carrier, so we’re not locked into any rates. We can shop around for the best price on the best coverage for your home, no matter where you live in Tennessee.

We also offer life insurance, health insurance, motorcycle insurance, and boat insurance, in addition to a whole portfolio of business insurance products. For more information on home insurance or any other types of coverage, visit our Locations & Contact page and find the Tennessee location and agent nearest you.


Although not required by Tennessee law, having insurance on your boat offers a lot of valuable protection for you and everyone on board. We would love to give you more information on this important personal insurance, so give us a call.

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