Individual Health Insurance That’s Just Right For You

Shopping for individual health insurance can be needlessly intimidating. But the good news is that Elite Insurance Solutions likes to make it incredibly easy. We will work with you to customize a great healthcare plan that takes into account your lifestyle, health, and budget. We can answer any and all of the questions you probably have about the Affordable Care Act. And you can take advantage of the fact that we don’t work with any one carrier; instead we shop around for the best deals from the most reputable insurers. We’re not locked into any set rates, which means you can get the most affordable plan from the most trusted carriers.

What Kind Of Health Coverage Do I Need?

Depending on the stage of your life, you’ll have different questions, different priorities, and different demands for your health insurance policy.

Young Singles: Those of you just out of college and entering the workforce are likely making health insurance decisions for the first time, having been on your parents’ plan until now. With so many health insurance plans, so many carriers, and so many changes ushered in by health care reform, it’s very normal to feel confused and have questions. We’re here to help.

Young Families: Going from single to married to being a new parent can mean big changes in regards to what you need from a health insurance plan and how much it will cost. But don’t be overwhelmed – the agents at Elite Insurance Solutions will be able to answer your questions about how to keep your growing family well covered.

Established Families: Parents of older children have different questions and concerns than they once did. We can help you understand what coverage you need for everyone, from your middle-schooler getting braces to your high school graduate going off to college.

Seniors: Empty-nesters are refocusing on their own health and wanting to ensure that they’ll be well taken care of before and after retirement, when they might need healthcare more than ever. We can answer questions you have about affordable health care as you age.

In addition, we are happy to address health care questions with regards to domestic partners, single parents, military, and seniors raising grandchildren.

For more information on health insurance coverage, please check out our Locations & Contact page and find the Tennessee location and agent nearest you.


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