Personal Insurance For Individuals And Families In Tennessee

Elite Insurance Solutions can help protect all the things that matter most to you in this world—your family and home. Your life and health. All the belongings you’ve worked so hard for. We believe in insurance because we’ve seen how it’s worked wonders in the lives of Tennessee clients who’ve been injured, suffered perils, or been smacked with a lawsuit.

Of course, not all insurance and not all providers are all that good. That’s why Elite Insurance Solutions sources coverage from many providers. We can help you sort through the malarkey and understand what coverage you need and what coverage you don’t; which rates are fair and which aren’t; and whose coverage is the most reputable.

The insurance veterans at Elite Insurance Solutions are passionate about providing customized and affordable insurance packages and plans that make sense for each individual and family. We don’t want you to pay for one dollar of coverage you don’t need or to be underinsured if disaster strikes. We want to give you peace of mind that if something bad happens, you’ll be protected. And we want to give you solid, hassle-free protection in the event that you need it.

Here are our bread-and-butter personal insurance offerings:

  • Auto: Tennessee drivers need auto insurance to act in accordance with Tennessee laws, to satisfy lenders, and to protect their assets. Regardless of whether you or another driver is to blame for a car accident, you want to make sure that you, your family, and your vehicle are covered. Elite Insurance Solutions can help.
  • Home: If you own your home, you’ll want to protect your investment and all the dreams you’ve poured into it with home insurance. In addition, if you are renting an apartment or condominium in Tennessee, Elite Insurance Solutions can provide coverage for the contents of your rented dwelling.
  • Boat: Whether you do your boating on the scenic lakes and rivers here in Tennessee or you travel to the coast to boat and fish, your boat and those aboard it should be protected with comprehensive insurance. Elite Insurance Solutions can cover your boat in one of two ways—by adding additional coverage onto your homeowner’s policy or by taking out a policy from a carrier who specializes in marine and boat insurance.
  • Motorcycle: If you own a motorcycle in the state of Tennessee, it is very important that you carry motorcycle insurance. If you cause an accident where someone is injured or if you are involved in an accident and are injured and you don’t have insurance, you may be sued for damages or be forced to foot the bill on your own.
  • Life: Preparing for the worst is one of the smartest and most loving things you can do for your family. Life insurance can help cover income replacement, final expenses, debts, child-raising expenses, and mortgage protection.
  • Health: Depending on the stage of your life, you have different questions, different priorities, and different demands for your health insurance policy. Elite Insurance Solutions will work with you to customize a great healthcare plan that takes into account your lifestyle, health, and budget.

For more information on personal insurance coverage offered by Elite Insurance Solutions, visit our Locations & Contact page and find the Tennessee location and agent nearest you.


If you need business insurance, we’ve got you covered. In fact, you may be amazed at all our services and products, so check them out.

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Just after I started my auto policy with Tracie and Safeco, my car was hit in the parking lot of our apartment complex. While the other drivers insurance covered the damage to my car, Tracie and Safeco made sure that I was well taken care of. It was a fast and seamless event. Anytime I have called on Tracie she has responded with fast friendly action without delay. Tracie and Safeco rocks! I stayed with my old outdated auto coverage carrier for far too long.
~ Greg Phillips