Kidnap & Ransom Protects Your Employees In High-Risk Areas

In the event of kidnapping, extortion, or illegal detention, kidnap and ransom insurance (K&R insurance) can be invaluable in minimizing the financial impact on your company. Many K&R policies also include expert crisis management counsel and kidnapping prevention training.

Kidnapping and extortion sound far-fetched? One would hope. However, tens of thousands of these kinds of incidents occur each year, and their frequency is reportedly on the rise. Safety during international travel is usually of special concern to policyholders. Policies have listed locations like Mexico, Haiti, Nigeria, Venezuela, Afghanistan, and Iraq as especially high risk. However, business owners and employees may also be at risk while traveling domestically or even while at home. High profile families, non-government organizations (NGOs), and multinational organizations often take out this K&R insurance so that they’re prepared for these potential crises.

What Does Kidnap And Ransom Insurance Cover?

Kidnap and ransom insurance can cover:

  • Ransom monies paid or lost in the event of kidnapping
  • Fees paid to negotiators, investigators, and attorneys
  • Transit and delivery costs lost because of ransom monies delivered in the event of a kidnapping or extortion
  • Accidental death or dismemberment occurring during a kidnapping
  • Judgments and legal liability resulting from a claim or suit brought by any insured person against the insured
  • PR and crisis management counsel
  • Medical care, wage and salary replacement, relocation and job retraining, and other kidnapping-related expenses
  • Security guard costs
  • Forensic analyst costs

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