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With so many insurance companies vying for your business—and so much variance in rates and coverage limits—choosing the right provider has become more complicated than it needs to be. Many of our clients come to us confused and wary. They have a lot of questions, but not a lot of faith in the insurance industry. Similarly, you may be accustomed to aggressive agents whose industry jargon goes over your head and whose plans end up emptying your wallet or pocketbook. Elite Insurance Solutions is not that kind of agency.

We can’t speak for the insurance industry as a whole, but at Elite Insurance Solutions, we do our part—every day—to provide policies that do what insurance was designed to do: Give you peace of mind. If you’re a customer of ours, we want you to leave our offices feeling sure that the people, places, and things you value are protected, and confident that no emergency can sink you financially. Offering real assurance that everything is going to be OK is what we do best.

With our corporate office based in Brentwood, Tennessee, and six offices throughout the state of Tennessee, Elite Insurance Solutions is small enough that personal relationships form and are cultivated every day, but big enough that our team has access to every conceivable type of business and personal policy from numerous carriers.

Our insurance solutions, tailored to each individual or company, may include any of the following types of coverage:



Elite Insurance Solutions locates the best-quality coverage for the least amount of money, with the focus always on our clients’ well being. We don’t work with any one insurer – instead we offer coverage from multiple carriers. As a result, we’re not locked into any one company’s rates and can almost always offer the lowest rates in the industry. We personalize plans that prioritize what you value most and that speak to your lifestyle or your business. And we understand that you probably don’t enjoy spending money on a rainy-day plan, but if and when that rainy day comes, you can count on us to have you ready.


To find the location and agent nearest you, please Visit Elite Insurance Solutions’ Locations & Contact page. You’ll feel confident dealing with Elite Insurance Solutions‘ experienced and knowledgeable agents.

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Since 2010 Elite Insurance Solutions has handled our property and casualty insurance as well as our worker’s compensation insurance. Unfortunately, we have had a couple of major claims since they have handled our account. One of these claims was a worker’s compensation claim and the other was a major theft claim.

Not only has Elite handled these claims professionally and efficiently, but they have communicated with us through the process. They took the time to learn the history of our company to know that these were unusual claims. Consequently, they have worked hard to keep our rates to very modest increases.

I highly recommend Randy Hulett and Elite Insurance Solutions to anyone and will continue to do so.

~ Matthew T. Coyle