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Do I Need to Insure My Motorcycle, Scooter, or Moped?

At Elite Insurance Solutions, one of the more common questions our agents are asked concerns the Tennessee state laws on motorcycle, moped, and other two- and three-wheeled vehicle insurance policies. Our customers want to know if two- and three-wheeled motorized vehicles require any insurance as well as what types of coverage are available. We would like to share some information with you from the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security regarding insurance policies and requirements for these types of transportation.

Exactly which two- and three-wheeled motorized vehicles are required by the State of Tennessee to be insured?

Although you can always contact the Department of Safety and Homeland Security to ask about the requirements for your motorcycle, scooter, or moped, the state has provided the following specifics:


MOTORCYCLES: In Tennessee, all motorcycles are required to be both registered and insured to drive legally on state roads. A motorcycle is defined as any two- or three-wheeled vehicle with an engine of 125 cc or more.

MOTOR-DRIVEN CYCLES: Also requiring registration and insurance, this type of cycle (more commonly known as a scooter) is defined as a two- or three-wheeled vehicle with an engine of up to 125 cc.

MOPEDS: Defined by the state as any motor-driven cycle with an engine under 50 cc, mopeds do not require insurance or registration; however, the state recommends both if you plan to use the moped in one of the allowable public areas.

What are the minimum requirements for insurance coverage for these vehicles?

Tennessee requires the following amounts of coverage for two- and three-wheeled motorized vehicles:

  • $25,000 for bodily injury per person
  • $50,000 for total bodily injury if multiple people are involved in the accident
  • $15,000 for property damage

Is there an alternative to buying motorcycle, scooter, or moped insurance in Tennessee?

Tennessee does allow you to establish financial responsibility in another way besides purchasing liability coverage. Depending on your situation, you can deposit cash or a bond with the Department of Safety and Homeland Security; however, you may find it much more economical to speak with one of the agents at Elite Insurance Solutions to find an affordable insurance policy for your motorcycle, scooter, or moped.

Want to know more about insurance coverage of motorcycles, scooters, and mopeds? Contact Elite Insurance Solutions to ask one of our agents anything you need to know.

What You Need to Know About Boat Insurance

Spring has arrived, and warmer temperatures are well on their way. For those who have a boat, warm weather means it is time to go out on the lake and enjoy the sunshine on the water. Although boat insurance is only required by the states of Arkansas and Utah, boat owners should strongly consider shopping for a boat insurance policy. Unfortunately, boating accidents do happen, and having the peace of mind knowing that you, your family, and your friends are protected by a boat insurance policy will allow you to not have to worry about liability and medical incidents. If you own a boat, Elite Insurance Solutions recommends you have a current boat insurance policy in place before you take your boat out on the water this year. Our agents have experience and knowledge to help you find the best coverage available. We would like to share with you some information from DMV.ORG about boat insurance policies.


Can boat insurance be required even if I do not live in Arkansas or Utah?

Yes, a couple of situations could require you to have a boat insurance policy no matter where you live. If you ever must use your boat as a type of collateral for a loan, the bank could require the boat to be insured. Also, certain marinas and harbors can require you to have a boat insurance policy in order to dock your boat at their facilities.

I thought my boat was covered in my home insurance policy. Is this not true?

Although you may receive limited coverage to smaller boats on your property within your home insurance policy, most large items, including boats, that have their own specific type of insurance available can only be covered by that specific insurance.

What are the categories for boat insurance policies?

Like vehicle insurance policies, boat insurance coverage can be customized to suit your needs by choosing specific categories, which include:


When an accident happens on your boat, you can be held financially responsible for certain costs related with that accident. With boat liability coverage, the insurance will cover any costs associated with bodily injury and property damage suffered by others in a boating accident that is your fault.


Since our area does not require boat insurance, you run the risk of being in a boating accident caused by an uninsured boater. Uninsured boat coverage will help you cover costs related from an incident caused by a boater with no insurance.

Boat Repair

To help you pay for any repairs needed to your boat, you can choose from different types of boat coverage. Collision coverage can financially assist with any repairs to your boat if it is damaged in a collision. Comprehensive coverage can help pay for boat repairs that are not caused by a collision. Another option is towing coverage.


This type of coverage assists with any medical bills you may have if you are injured on your boat. Your health insurance may already cover this situation, and our agents can find out if you need to add medical insurance to your boat policy.

Need to purchase or renew your boat insurance policy? Contact Elite Insurance Solutions to consult with our agents on what is best for you and your boat this summer.

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